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Benchmark Yield for Booster Fund

The benchmark yield displayed below is applicable for insurance product(s) in AmMetLife Insurance Berhad which provide(s) Booster Fund.

The benchmark yield is the 12-month rolling average Yield-to-Maturity of the prevailing 10-Year Malaysian Government Securities benchmark, based on the closing Yield-to-Maturity on the last business day of each month*, rounded to the nearest 0.5%.The benchmark yield will be calculated from April each year to March next year and will take effect from July to June of the following year. (*Source: Bank Negara Malaysia:

Benchmark Yield for Booster Fund
Calculation Period Effective Period (Policy Anniversary Date) Benchmark Yield
1/4/2020 – 31/3/2021 1/7/2021 – 30/6/2022 3.00%


1. The past benchmark yield performance is not an indication of its future performance. This is strictly the past benchmark yield to decide the non-guaranteed Booster Fund in the previous years, and not the returns earned on the premiums.

The information, statement and/or descriptions contained herein are strictly meant to be general information for quick reference only. For more information on Benchmark Yield for Booster Fund, please get in touch with our Customer Care Centre or our friendly agents.