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Protect your family and yourself from unforeseen medical costs and the financial impact it brings.


Ease your financial burden with Hospital Income Plan, and medical coverage plans for you and your family.

Critical Illness

Focus on your recovery with the Critical Illness Plan. 

At AmMetLife Malaysia, we offer a range of comprehensive health insurance plans designed to provide you and your loved ones with financial protection and peace of mind in the face of medical uncertainties. Our medical insurance plans in Malaysia provide coverage for hospitalisation, surgical procedures, post-care treatments, and more. Our medical insurance coverage ensures that you receive the necessary care without compromising on financial stability.

We understand that a critical illness diagnosis can be emotionally and financially challenging. Our critical illness insurance in Malaysia offers a vital layer of protection, providing you with financial support in the event of a severe illness. With our critical illness cover, you can focus on your recovery journey. Take control of your health and secure your future with AmMetLife Malaysia. Whether you require critical illness coverage or comprehensive medical insurance, we have the right plan for you.