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A plan that safeguards you and your future.

Secure Your Future With Complete Coverage

Life is unpredictable in itself... we can never predict the future nor can we overlook the present from the challenges we may face in every stage of our life.

As a combination plan that provides both insurance coverage and investment, ProtectLink is the right plan to safeguard you and your future.

Learn more about our family insurance plans and how it can protect you and your loved ones by downloading our brochure.

This is an Agency product.

Join us in 2021 to focus on a new lifestyle of wellness! Let's aim to:
To speed yourself along your wellness journey, take a look at our range of plans such as ProtectLink, ProtectEase, ProtectElite II and HealthCare Choice. By signing up, you'll receive a premium AmMetLife kit to help you achieve your ideal wellness lifestyle.
Campaign period: 1st Jan - 28th Feb 2021
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