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WealthSecure Max

A great way to enjoy protection and a regular stream of income

You now have the power to secure your future the hassle-free way with WealthSecure Max.

This affordable non-participating plan comes with limited premium. It is an endowment plan with guaranteed cash payment designed. It is specially designed to provide protection and help you save for a brighter future.

What’s more, you have the flexibility to choose the amount you want to save every month as well as the duration of savings and protection in line with your financial goals and budget.

Find out more about WealthSecure Max by downloading our brochure.

This is a Bancassurance product.

WealthSecure Max at a glance:
Affordable Monthly Premiums Collapsed Expanded

A protection plan everyone can afford from RM150 per month!

Guaranteed Cash Payment Collapsed Expanded

Enjoy a regular stream of cash known as Guaranteed Cash Payment. This Guaranteed Cash Payment amount is 6% of the Initial Sum Assured! It is payable every 2 years on the survival of the Life Assured to the due date of such payment, starting from the end of Policy Year 2.

Maturity benefit is Total Premium Paid* Collapsed Expanded

Receive Total Premium Paid upon the survival of the Life Assured at maturity.

Triple Protection Collapsed Expanded

Receive three (3) times of the Initial Sum Assured from Policy Year 5 onwards for death/Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) due to Natural Causes (TPD up to age 65 subject to a maximum benefit of RM2 million per life basis).

Accidental Coverage* Collapsed Expanded

Receive six (6) times of the Initial Sum Assured up to age 65 and three (3) times thereafter.

Enjoy a longer coverage term with shorter premium payment term.

*Any outstanding debt on the Policy at the time of settlement shall be deducted from the proceeds payable under the Policy