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About Us

AmMetLife offers a comprehensive range of life insurance and wealth protection solutions.

About AmMetLife

 We are focused on meeting our customers’ needs with innovative solutions at different stages of their lives.

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We are looking for people who have a passion to help others achieve their life’s goals.  


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We constantly give our best to support and provide financial protection to everyone, including you. Our goal has always been to secure your future. AmMetLife insurance plans are ready to protect you in life as we are one of the leading insurance companies in Malaysia.

Why Choose Us:

AmMetLife goes above and beyond for our customers. We commit to assisting everyone in protecting their assets, easing the financial burden from unforeseen circumstances, and securing a better future financially. AmMetLife provides a wide range of insurance plans, from affordable medical insurance plans to insurance plans that can cater for retirement needs. Likewise, our mission is to assure you peace of mind when you need it the most.

Along with giving you a sense of peace, AmMetLife strives to ensure a seamless insurance journey from the very beginning. With that in mind, our claim process aims to ease any potential worries and assist you with any questions that you may have. We've developed a reputation for offering high-quality insurance products or services throughout the years. Honesty and transparency have always been our core whenever we serve our customers.