Group Term Life Insurance Scheme (GTL)

Yearly Renewable Group Term Life Insurance Scheme

GTL is basically an annual renewable plan which provides 24 hours worldwide protection for a group of people under one Master policy. It enhances morale and promotes loyalty of employees or members. The cost is lower compared to having to cover the group of people individually as it lessens the administration work. It also helps to attract and retain employees or members, and provides high protection covers to key personnel in the organisation. Premium paid by the Company may qualify for tax relief subject to final decision of the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board.

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Death - Death Benefit will be payable in one lump sum in the event of Natural and/or Accidental causes.
Total Permanent Disability (TPD) - Will be payable in one lump sum in the event of a Natural and/or Accidental causes.
Critical Illness (CI) - Coverage for 36 types of Critical Illnesses.
Other Benefits
  • Repatriation Benefits
  • Terminal Illness
  • Funeral Expenses

  • Double PA
  • Partial Permanent Disability (PPD)
  • Daily Hospital Allowance
Coverage Type
  • Class / Rank
  • Fixed / Flat Sum Assured

  • Monthly Basic Salary(ies) (36,48,72 & 84 times)
Information Required
  • Nature of Business
  • Name of Staff / Member
  • Date of Birth

  • NRIC No. / Passport No.
  • Gender

Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance Scheme (GHS)

GHS is designed to reimburse the expenses incurred by insured employees for the cost of hospitalisation or surgery at a very economical premium. With the widely accepted medical card, GHS cushions the employees’ worries on medical cost and even covers emergency accidental outpatient medical bill. Employees will have the option to protect their immediate family members as well.

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Standard GHS Benefits / Coverage to choose from

Plans AM300 AM200 AM150
In-Hospitalisation Benefits
1. Hospital Room & Board (120 Days) RM300 RM200 RM150
2. Intensive Care Unit (20 Days) As Charged
3. Hospital Supplies & Services As Charged
4. Operating Theatre Fees As Charged
5. Surgical Fees & Post-Operative Care As Charged
6. Anaesthetist’s Fees As Charged
7. In-Hospital Physician Visit As Charged

Standard GHS Benefits / Coverage to choose from

Plans AM300 AM200 AM150
Pre-Hospitalisation Benefits (60 Days)
1. Diagnostic X-ray & Laboratory Test As Charged
2. Specialist’s Consultation As Charged
3. Second Surgical Opinion As Charged
Post-Hospitalisation Benefits (60 Days)
1. Follow-up Medical Treatment & Services As Charged
2. Out-Patient & Other Benefits
3. Day-care Procedure As Charged
4. Emergency Outpatient Treatment for Accidental Injury As Charged

Standard GHS Benefits / Coverage to choose from

Plans AM300 AM200 AM150
5. Ambulance Fees (Road Transport Only) As Charged
6. Government Hospital Daily Cash Allowance As Charged
7. Medical Report Fee Reimbursement RM80
8. Outpatient Physiotherapy Treatment
9. Outpatient Cancer Treatment
10. Accidental Miscarriage
11. Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment As Charged
12. Organ Transplant As Charged
13. Emergency Sickness Treatment As Charged

Standard GHS Benefits / Coverage to choose from

Plans AM300 AM200 AM150
14. Emergency Outpatient Accidental Dental Treatment As Charged
15. Home Nursing As Charged
16. Lodger’s Fee As Charged
17. Annual In-Patient Treatment for Mental Illness As Charged
18. Surgical Implant As Charged
19. In-Patient Treatment in Government Hospital As Charged
20. Malaysian Government Service Tax 0%
Overall Annual Limit RM30,000 RM20,000 RM15,000

Customers can choose to insure with Medical Card facility to ease the burden of paying high medical bills due to hospitalisation.

Type of participants Compulsory
Mode of Payment Yearly renewable premium paid by Employer
Min. Applicants 10 lives (subject to completion of Personal Health Declaration form)
Min. Entry Age (Child) 15 days old
Max. Entry Age (Child) 17 years old
Min. Entry Age (Adult) 16 years old
Max. Entry Age (Adult) 60 years old
Renewable Annually (Child) Up to age 23 years old
Renewable Annually (Adult) Up to age 65 years old

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