Coverage for Genomic Test for Cancer

There are many treatments available today for cancer care patients. 

Be insured for Genomic Testing

There are many treatments available today for cancer care patients. But whether a treatment is effective depends on each individual’s tumour’s profile. Cancer genomics works by taking an individual's unique gene and scanning it in its entirety to detect any mutations that might indicate a disease plus inherited genetic changes. The test results are key in guiding doctors toward picking the most suitable treatments for cancer patients, based not only on his or her cancer but unique drug metabolism and genetics too.


Medical Coverage
Comprehensive medical coverage
up to age 100 (Next Birthday)
Higher Annual Limit
Overall annual limit of RM1 million and above
Genomics Test For Cancer
Receive access to genomics test
for cancer to determine the best
treatment options
No Lifetime Limit
No overall lifetime limit


When your coverage includes genomic testing for cancer, your doctor has the means of developing a treatment plan that is catered for you. Potentially you have access to not only the suitable healthcare in the market, but also that you are on a path to better health.

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