Ensuring your car will always remain yours

AutoSecure-i   was designed to complement Islamic Banking solutions with Bancatakaful products in connection with auto financing.

In the event of death or TPD of the participant during the certificate term this scheme will assist in settling the outstanding car financing debt. Initially, the takaful protection is equal to the financing amount which will be reduced in accordance with the installment period.


  • Provides coverage for death throughout the certificate term and total permanent disability (TPD) for certificate term or up to age sixty five (65), whichever is earlier. Maximum TPD limit is RM2 million.
  • Secure the car financing repayment if any misfortune (death or total permanent disability) falls upon you.
  • Upon maturity of the certificate, participant will receive the prevailing value of Participant Investment Fund (PIF).
  • Relief financial burden for your family when they need it most.


Minimum entry age is eighteen (18) years old and maximum entry age is fifty (50) years old for participant.