Financial Planning

Having a successful life truly depends on how well you plan your finances to meet your current needs and cater for your future plans. At AmMetLife, we aspire to help you to protect everything that matters most to you as you progress towards achieving your dreams. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to create customised solutions according to your needs and preferences that are just right for you.

It pays to know how you can lead a great life and our servicing agents will be happy to take you through a financial needs analysis and offer recommendations that would certainly address the following needs:

Income Protection

Whether you are employed or running your own business, protecting your family as the bread winner is a huge responsibility. Your loved ones are looking up to you with so much hope and desire to have a comfortable life. But are you ready to continue fulfilling your family’s need when you are incapacitated and unable to work due to illness or an accident? Life is always infused with unexpected tragedies and you need to have total control of your family.


You always aim to provide the best education for your children and in pursuing this desire you often exhaust your own savings including your retirement funds. The fact is, you can grab a hold of your child’s future if you plan early to take advantage of the precious time when your children are still in school.
So, do you have a plan that protects your child and build his college funds, simultaneously? Does your current education plan offer value for your commitment?


Everyone envisions a retirement life that is both fulfilling and purposeful. However, the possibility to outlive sufficient financial resources during retirement has always been a daunting concern for all of us. Therefore, it is never too early to start planning for your retirement because the real payoffs come when you allow your savings to grow with time. With escalating costs of health care and wellness, have you planned for a steady stream of income to support your needs during retirement years?


Small savings go a long way to protect your business income and accumulate additional funds to supplement your retirement needs. It may seem impossible to save regularly but once you realise the value of time, it is possible to cultivate the discipline and start saving for a better tomorrow.
However, you need to know:

  • What is the purpose of your savings and what is the amount that you are expecting to have at the end of your savings period?
  • What kind of protection do you need while you are saving towards a specific goal?

It all begins with the first step to understand how you can stretch your options to have a successful life that reflects your personality. Call us now and our servicing agents will assist you to answer all your questions and show how you can experience your ideal life starting today.