Corporate Governance

Article of Association

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Board Charter

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) regard sound Corporate Governance as vital to the success of the Company’s business and are unreservedly committed to applying the principles necessary to ensure that the following principles of good governance is practiced in all of its business dealings.

The objectives of this Board Charter are to ensure that all Board members acting on behalf of the Company are aware of their duties and responsibilities as Board members and the various legislations and regulations affecting their conduct and that the principles and practices of good Corporate Governance are applied in all their dealings in respect, and on behalf of, the Company. Click here for details.

Board Committees Composition (as at 1 January 2018)
Board Committee Composition
Board Audit and Examination Committee Y Bhg Dato’ Larry Seow Thiam Fatt (Chairman)
Y Bhg Dato’ Abdullah Mat Zaid
Mr Sathasivan Kunchamboo
Board Risk Management Committee Mr Phoon Soon Keong (Chairman)
Mr Sathasivan Kunchamboo
Y Bhg Dato’ Abdullah Mat Zaid
Board Nominations and Remuneration Committee Y Bhg Dato’ Abdullah Mat Zaid (Chairman)
Mr Phoon Soon Keong
Y Bhg Dato’ Sulaiman Mohd Tahir

Appointments, Resignations and Removals of Directors (as at 1 January 2018)

Y Bhg Tan Sri Azman Hashim (Stepped down on 31 December 2017)

Director’s Training

The Board recognised the importance of ensuring that Directors are continuously being developed to acquire or enhance the requisite knowledge and skills to discharge their duties effectively.

All new Directors appointed to the Board would attend a formal induction programme to familiarise themselves with the Company’s strategy and aspiration, understanding of the line of businesses and corporate functions, key financial highlights, people initiatives, requirements of audit, compliance and risk management conducted by the Chief Executive Officer / Heads of the business units as well as Senior Management, and organised by the Group Learning and Development unit. The Company Secretary would also provide the new Directors with an information kit regarding disclosure obligations of a director, Board Charter, Code of Ethics, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company, Board Committees’ Terms of Reference, amongst others.

Apart from the Financial Institutions Directors’ Education (FIDE) Programme accredited by ICLIF, all Directors appointed to the Board, have also attended other relevant training programmes and seminars organised by the regulatory authorities and professional bodies to further enhance their business acumen and professionalism in discharging their duties to the Bank. The Directors also attend offsite Strategy Meeting to have an in-depth understanding and continuous engagement with Management pertaining to the Company’s strategic direction. In addition, the Directors are constantly updated on information relating to the Company’s development and industry development through discussion at Board meetings with the Senior Management team.