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HCC BoostUp Rider + HealthCare Choice Rider

Two power-packed riders in one ultimate protection plan.

When it comes to safeguarding your peace of mind, two is indeed better than one.

Introducing the HCC BoostUp Rider + HealthCare Choice Rider– an all-encompassing plan that pairs up two comprehensive riders to shield you from unexpected medical costs.

It insures more than just standard procedures such as hospitalisation, surgery and post-care treatment, but offers additional coverage for procedures such as out-patient dengue treatment, home nursing care, genomics test for cancer and more. That’s not all – you will be covered with an overall annual limit of RM1 million and above.

So while life may be unpredictable, your future doesn’t have to be. Live with the full confidence that AmMetLife has you covered all the way.

This is an Agency product. 

HCC BoostUp Rider
Overall Annual Limit Of RM1 Million And Above Collapsed Expanded

The HCC BoostUp Rider + HealthCare Choice Rider cover you with an overall annual limit of RM1 million and above up to age 100 (next birthday), giving you peace of mind against any treatment and hospitalisation fees.

Out-Patient Dengue Fever Collapsed Expanded

The HCC BoostUp Rider covers any medical expenses incurred on out-patient treatment for dengue fever, allowing even mild cases to be managed with close monitoring.

Home Nursing Care Collapsed Expanded

Rest assured that you will have access to necessary home health services such as intermittent skill nursing care, physical therapy and more - all within the comfort of home. 

Genomics Test for Cancer Collapsed Expanded

Receive access to genomics test for cancer to determine the best treatment options. This test helps doctors to prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Multifocal/Intraocular Lens Collapsed Expanded

Ideal for those who need cataract surgery and want freedom from eyeglasses after surgery. Multifocal/intraocular lenses (IOLs) expand one's range of clear vision.

Diabetic Complications Lump Sum Benefit Collapsed Expanded

Receive a lump sum payment upon diagnosis1 up to twice per lifetime to focus on your recovery. It helps cover your needs.

Pre-Hospitalisation Medication And Treatment By Specialist Collapsed Expanded

Ensure your wellbeing at every step of the way, with coverage of expenses incurred for first time consultation, medication and treatment by specialist within 60 days before a patient is moved to a hospital for in-patient treatment.

1 Life Assured survives for at least forteen (14) days after diagnosis.

Note: All the above stated benefits are subject to terms and conditions.


HealthCare Choice Rider
Comprehensive Medical Coverage Up To Age 100 (Next Birthday) Collapsed Expanded

Put your worries about high medical cost aside as HealthCare Choice Rider is a comprehensive unit deducting rider that provides you with coverage all the way to age 100 (next birthday).

Daily Cash If Stay At Lower Room & Board Collapsed Expanded

If you are hospitalised and your actual room and board is lower than your HealthCare Choice Rider plan's room and board due to limited room options or room unavailability, you'll be reimbursed with 50% of the difference in room and board costs for up to 30 days per disability.

Daily Guardian Collapsed Expanded

If your child is hospitalised, it's understandable you would want to be by his/her side. When you accompany a child below age 18 (next birthday) who's insured under HealthCare Choice Rider while he/she is hospitalised, you'll be reimbursed for meals and lodging expenses incurred by one accompanying adult at the hospital for up to 150 days per disability.

No Lifetime Limit Collapsed Expanded

There is no overall lifetime limit during the lifetime of the Life Assured.

Second Surgical Opinion Collapsed Expanded

When it comes to surgery, you deserve a consultation with a second specialist so that you'll have all the relevant facts to make a more informed decision. For this reason, HealthCare Choice Rider will reimburse you for the second surgical opinion charges if they are incurred within 60 days before your scheduled surgery.

Post-Hospitalisation Treatment Collapsed Expanded

Rest assured that HealthCare Choice Rider will stay by your side even after your surgery, by covering post-hospitalisation treatments that you might require within 120 days after you are discharged. These treatments include prescribed medicines during a follow-up, as well as x-ray, electrocardiograms or laboratory tests.

Out-Patient Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic And Physiotherapy Treatment Collapsed Expanded

HealthCare Choice Rider covers out-patient Chinese Medicine as well as chiropractic and physiotheraphy treatments that you might require within 60 days after hospital discharge, ensuring you can receive your preferred treatment without medical costs being a barrier.

For overseas treatment, if the Life Assured chooses to have or is referred to be treated outside of Malaysia, the benefits for the treatment are limited to the Reasonable and Customary and Medically Necessary charges for equivalent local treatment in Malaysia and subject to 90 days residence limit.

Note: All the above stated benefits are subject to terms and conditions.