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AmMetLife SecureGuard Plus

Your ideal balance of today's & tomorrow's living.

Dreaming of big things in life, both for yourself and your loved ones? Keep your ambitions in life big, as our 10-year extended protection without any further premium after 21 years to help you live the dream just the way you have imagined.

We know that realising your dreams in life needs an extra push in terms of savings as well as the peace of mind knowing that you remain protected throughout - we are here to help.

AmMetLife SecureGuard Plus helps meet both your long-term savings and protection needs, which makes it an essential financial planning tool to realise your various dreams in life, ranging from financing your children’s education, purchasing a property or car, supplementing your retirement income or just about any ambitious plans that you may have.

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This is an Agency product.

Providing Financial Security & Regular Income

  • A 21-year endowment plan to help you provide necessary funding for important occasions in life
  • Protection throughout the policy tenure against Death/Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) or 36 Critical Illnesses (CI)*
  •  Current Sum Assured increases by 100% every 7 years, up to 300% of the Initial Sum Assured, payable in the event of Death/TPD/36 CI*
  • Additional 100% of Initial Sum Assured is payable upon Accidental Death (AD)*

Policy Year

Current Sum Assured (as a percentage of Initial Sum Assured)

1 to 7


8 to 14


15 to maturity


*Death/TPD/36 CI & AD, please refer to the product booklet.

AmMetLife SecureGuard Plus Key Information

  • Receive Guaranteed Cash Payment starting from end of 1st policy year, for 20 years
  • Guaranteed Maturity Benefit is equivalent to 100% of Initial Sum Assured Upon completion of 21 years, you may choose to extend the coverage for 10 years without further premium payments required.

Eligibility of Life Assured

Minimum entry age : 30 days

Maximum entry age : 50 years (age next birthday)

Minimum Sum Assured


Premium Payment Frequency/Tenure

Frequency options: Yearly, half yearly, quarterly or monthly

Premium payment tenure: 21 years

Optional Extended Protection After Maturity (21 years)

Choose to enjoy a 10 - year extended protection once your policy matures (upon completion of 21 years), without paying further premiums.

Three different benefits during extended coverage period

Enjoy the optional extended coverage with AmMetLife SecureGuard Plus which offers you the following value-added advantages:

1. Added financial security through the 10-year extended protection (beyond the initial 21 years).

2. Peace of mind and less financial burden knowing that the 10-year extended coverage does not require premium payment.

3. Maximise your savings by accumulating more value, i.e. enjoy accumulated Guaranteed Cash Payments and Cash Dividends (not paid upon maturity at the end of 21st policy year, if any) with interest during the extended coverage period. Further, a lump sum payout of 100% of the Initial Sum Assured and Terminal Dividend (if any) is payable upon the end of the extended coverage term (end of 31st policy year).