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AmMetLife Cashback Campaign

Receive premium cashback of up to RM1,000 when you purchase any of the insurance products below

• ProtectSecure
• ProtectSecure Prime
• WealthSecure Max
• WealthSecure Smart

Annual Premium* Reward
RM10,000 and above Cashback amount of RM1,000
RM6,000 to RM9,999 Cashback amount of RM200
RM3,600 to RM5,999 Cashback amount of RM100

*Exclude Investment Portion Premium, Top-Up Premium and advanced premium.

Campaign Period: 3 January 2022 to 30 September 2022

Click here for full terms and conditions (ENG)
Click here for full terms and conditions (BM)

*Terms and conditions apply

This is a Bancassurance campaign.